Under Reconstruction

As you are probably aware, things have been a little slow on this here blog lately. I'm not expecting a prolific amount of blogging over the summer, what with my internship and lack of modern gaming system.

Maybe this will give me a chance to do some online investigating and dig a little deeper into new trends and technologies. If anyone cares, I could post reviews of the "classic" N64 titles I'll be playing on weekends down in South Carolina. Who am I kidding? I've already started...

Before I leave in a few weeks, I hope to a) get my car fixed, b) get my affairs in order, c) get some more updates on the blog. I'm looking into a redesign to make the pages more eye catching (but not distracting). There may be a way for me to integrate my Twitter account with the blog, too.

Any suggestions or contributions from the peanut gallery are appreciated and encouraged. Heck, I just got a comment on westernherald.com about my Valentine's Day article.

Stay tuned, but don't hold your breath too much.


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