Out with the old

Seeing as how I'm no longer a part-time video game columnist, I no longer have much left to sustain the blog with. Sure, I'm playing games more, but I can't stand to write exclusively about them anymore.

You've noticed how low the volume and frequency of new content has been here at Game Brain. That's my fault entirely. But there's also the name: it never really grew on me. It was always just... there. It was fine for the column, but it's a little blunt. And limiting, since I want to expand into other areas of geekdom.

So from now on, all Game Brain content will be posted on the new site, which I will reveal shortly. I hope to have a wider range of content, and some more contributors. Y'know, some specialists. If you're really into, say, comic books, I could use a knowledgeable reviewer/commentator.

We'll have some cool new features, too. I'm really excited about the premise; it took me at least a week to come up with a good name. It's a little strange, but a lot of fun. It won't jump out at you and say "Hey, this site's about video games and stuff!" But I'm sure "Left 4 Dead" fans will recognize the reference.

With that, I have a lot of work to do to get the new site up and running. I'm actually planning posts for a change, so hopefully we'll have more content more often. Like always, I'd appreciate your help and contributions as well.

The mystery site will be revealed soon... 'til then, I'll be going to summer classes and performing on a Battlefield near you.


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