Strange Times

Today, Wrecklaimer told me that there were screenshots online of "Left4Dead2" (L4D2, Star Wars jokes abound). Then I saw this Gametrailers video of Microsoft's E3 presentation of... whatever the hell this is:

Has the whole world gone mad? A sequel to a game not even a year old? That isn't something Valve would do! Look at this no-hands thingy for the current Xbox! I've been prancing around like an idiot in front of the TV for years and now, you tell me, I can play video games that way?

Oh, and "Metal Gear Solid" comes to the Xbox 360. Not a port of MGS4, but some new game starring everyone's favorite effeminate action hero, Raiden. Why is it that whenever an MGS game is released outside of the PlayStation, it's crap? Look at MGS2 on the Xbox. Why do we get stuck with second-fiddle robo girlie man?

Like the Black Keys say, strange times are here.


Wrecklaimer said...

How does this not make you just look like more of an idiot than waving around a Wiimote? Besides, the obvious lack of any hardware makes this outright ridiculous. This also begs the question of how this makes games more accessible. If your control of the game is based entirely on your mobility, doesn't that mean that the games will be less accessible? Doesn't physical limitation void the the purpose of video games: allowing you to do things you can't (physically, safely, or legally) do in real life?

ForceFlow said...

I certainly raises a lot of questions and converns. Microsoft's probably been under a lot of internal pressure to compete with Nintendo for the "casual" market.

If someone walks in front of the TV during my kung-fu match, does that screw up my moves?

Wrecklaimer said...

And you thought your mom walking in front of the TV was bad before.

Jeff Bergkamp said...

You obviously never played MGS4 before because Raiden is a total badass in it. I'm sure it won't be as good as 4, but I for one can't wait for MGS: Rising.

ForceFlow said...

I seem to recall Raiden getting grabbed in the crotch in MGS2. Badass indeed.

I like how MS made a big deal over "Rising", even though it's a simultaneous release for Xbox and PS3. Not a huge deal.

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